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I can see you know Max, looking at us, and our big beautiful bodies that we've worked hard to make. You'd sit there with your dick in your hand, getting off on our big doughy bellies. And the second you'd spent your load you're gone again. Too afraid to give in and be like us." Max cringed. It was true. It was all fantasy for him.

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Order your Weight GAIN SHAKE today:*https://amzn.to/3hC0CaWSubscribe:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8tjOPR8O7G8QgeIvqMYLig?sub_confirmation=1Weight Gain S...The pain soon dissolved into tingling pleasure. The sorceress ran a fingers over and around the hooded clit causing it to jump in reaction. She smiled as it twitched and pulsed and swelled. Though still frozen and unable to speak, a stifled moan of pleasure came from June's throat.chapter 1. I absentmindedly scratched the side of my belly with one hand while holding a sack of doughnuts with the other. It had been over an hour since the start of the race, so Christy would soon be completing her 15K and crossing the nearby finish line. It seemed like only yesterday I was meeting her at a race much like this one.chapter 1. Margo is a petite, pretty girl, with fluffy red hair, big eyes, and a bright smile. She's confident, whip-smart, and intense. I'm really going to enjoy breaking her. She moved in with me a couple of months ago, and I've been quietly planning for her future. Margo thinks she'll finish her degree, she'll find a good job, we'll get ...Written by Rubens_Feeder. It's exciting that my own fattening up, the faster and faster it happens, helps others to gain too, seduces them into getting fat or knowing they are a feeder, they need to fatten up others. Yes, we are waiting for you, please help us gain, we fatten on purpose, we grow and pump up.

Part 3 of King K. Rool Weight Gain Stories; Language: English Words: 3,626 ... Original fiction queer feedism erotica with limited shapeshifting, immortal demon ...Read the most popular feeder stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. ... She worked in a small coffee shop and was looking for love little did she know she was going to gain a boyfriend and a whole lo... fat; feedee; ... (A Weight Gain Story) Par... by flip07924. 2.5K 4 1. Her luck keeps getting bigger (and so does ...

Trying my hand at writing some gainer fiction. Here's the first part of a long story where a fit guy gets paid to gain weight. Ex-Jock Side Hustle. CHAPTER 1/INTRO. Jamie looked down at the scale, peering over his bloated beer belly. "275," he uttered out loud. "I did it, sir." Jamie looked up at his silver-haired benefactor with a ...English stories. realistic; fantasy; extreme gaining; first pounds; German stories. realistisch; fantasie; extrem gain; die ersten Pfunde; ... massive weight gain, inflation, amorous exploits and the ultimate act of belly worship. fantasy | Views: 4324 ... Following the story of two cousins, Alex and Josh; the plot thickens the next morning ...

There is also a great Stories forum where people from all over post their own Fat admiration, Feedee, Weight Gain, fictional stories. Their community is also very strong and any thing written on the boards is meant to be only full of direction and love with no hate, even their stories are only specific to admiration and not humiliation.Of course, as she got older that had changed. Since I’d last seen her Alice had put on a fair amount of weight and found it easier and more comfortable to wear loose-fitting clothes. This, of course, disguised from her, and the world around her, just how much bigger she’d become. ‘A really pleasant surprise for me too!For all the women, we will take your weight each month, beginning today, and track your progress over time. Each of you will be required to gain 25 pounds per month and your grade will be a result of how much you gain, as well as how well you document your gain for the public. For the males, you will be assigned a female classmate and will be ... Chapter 5 is one of those points that create a palpable tension and anticipation. Many ways to go from here.Can't wait to see what you have in storeFat fetishism or adipophilia (Latin "adipem" - "fat" and Greek "φιλία" - "love") is a sexual attraction directed towards overweight or obese people due primarily to their weight and size.. A variety of fat fetishism is 'feed(er)ism' or 'gaining', where sexual gratification is obtained from the process of gaining, or helping others gain, body fat, not from the fat itself.

Dean is not happy when his feedee boyfriend signs them up for a weight loss reality tv show, and decides to get revenge. fantasy | Views: 5551 | Author: wanttofeed | Added by: chugl | Date: 2021-05-29 | Comments (0)

Weight Gain; Belly Kink; Belly Rubs; Feeding; Feeding Kink; Fetish; Wrestling; Extreme Weight Gain; Summary. A story about Asami and Korra letting go of their inhibitions and embracing gluttony on a trip to the Spirit World. This story is fetish-focused and contains weight gain, stuffing, and vore, so be warned!

Chapter 1 - from 120 to 500 pound in a couple years. This a true story. Her name was Eva, and she was the reason why I discover that I liked seeing people gain weight. I was a freshman in college and I remember her as the usual 18 year old girl. She had a cute face, nice full lips, hazel eyes, light brown hair and a nice diamond shape face.This uses a slow paced and smaller amount of weight gain, as encouraged and enabled by his girlfriend's fat and feederism fetish, and parents who.. don't seem to know better. ... At over 13,000 words and 7 total chapters, this is the longest story I have written to date. Enjoy. Started in 2020, finished in 2021. Language: English Words: 13,779 ...Her daughter, Alex, who is now 19 years old, was having serious problems. She recently dropped out of college. She was simply out of control, according to her mother. She could not stop partying. Her excessive partying cost her her job. For two weeks, Alex had only worked out, partied, and slept.Weight Gain; ssbbw; Farting; Burping; IQ Loss; Explicit Sexual Content; Summary. WARNING THIS STORY CONTAINS: Gogo and Honey Lemon (Big Hero 6) Slobification (WG, Burping, Farting), IQ Loss, and Sexual Content. In the wake of a strange disease, Honey Lemon desperately searches for a cure for her and Gogo's condition.I also enjoy a good "role-reversal" weight gain story, which I think falls into the same broad category as "weight transfer" and similar stuff. One potential difference is that I tend to favor stories where the reversal/transfer occurs gradually.Of course it’s all fantasy but I really like the thought experiment. Coins. 0 coins. Premium Powerups ... Now onto your question. I'm not really into lots of death feedism stories, but I've heard good things about this writer from people into the death feedism stuff and "darker" aspects specifically this story I'm going to link and their ...

Fantasy Growth Videos. Fantasy videos involving a magical or chemical event that causes parts of the actress' body to grow. MoreJames exclaimed, feeling that familiar stirring that came with having such an intense crush on someone. "I'm Jordan" the guard said, sitting down and leaning across extending his hand. James shook it, noticing it was soft and warm, he glanced up into Jordan's eyes and saw that beautiful smile and those deep green eyes.Tayler Rayne shared a side-by-side comparison of her body in a bikini before her weight gain and after. “I’m here to love on my girls who gained weight and aren’t really sure how to love themselves,” she said before kicking off a now-viral “Grown woman weight thread.”. Tay, who went from “130 [to] 230” and struggled with ...60 pages May 17, 2016. Hetalia | Reader | Anime/Manga Fanfiction Short Stories Fat Country Chubby Plump One Shots Chubbytalia. Chubby love, it seems to be a real rare thing to find nowadays. Whether its the nation who happens to have a few extra pounds or you, Reader-chan, its usually that one is the chubsy person and the other is the slim one.Stories. Over the years, quite a great deal of fiction has been written within gaining and related circles online. Whilst some sites have come and gone, BellyBuilders has sought to maintain a constant presence, and in doing so has become an archive for a significant number of works by many authors. Below is a list of stories available on the site.“If you married someone thin and someone you were physically attracted to, then it’s not unfair to expect that your spouse will maintain their weight and health over the years. Weight and physical attraction are important factors for sustaining intimacy in a healthy marriage.” Dr. Keller sensitively conveyed to her worried looking client.

Emily removed Ben's shirt exposing his pale, slightly soft, physique and small belly. She ran her hands over his sides as they kissed, testing the small layer of fat at his love handles. Ben removed Emily's sweatshirt as well, continuing with her shirt and exposing her pert breasts and cute bra. He hugged her close wanting to feel their ...

this story talks of a man who is over 2,000 year of age surviving though hell. original story was called "mystery of the missing uranium case", that was started in 2016 and is still being worked on. parts 1,2 and 3 with more to come. fantasy ... Dean is not happy when his feedee boyfriend signs them up for a weight loss reality tv show, and ...Weight Gain; Forced Weight Gain; Blackmail; Summary. A woman finds out her husband cheated on her, so she sets out to transform him into what he really is: a pig. Contains TWO endings, pay attention to chapter titles. Includes: Weight gain, forced weight gain, immobility, death feederism, minor mention of bodily functions, manipulation. Alex Miller is a totally normal girl who goes to school everyday and hang out with her three best friends. She loves all kinds of food and even if she eats abnormally …Chapter 1 - skinny. 98 pounds. I had finally reached my goal weight of 98 pounds. I can't even explain to you the last time my scale said that small of a number. At 27 years old and rather tall, 98 pounds takes a whole lot of work. I have always felt fat, but by America's standards, I am very underweight.chapter 1. John and Sarah met when they were only 19 and had been dating ever since. 8 years later, they lived together in a gorgeous white house and were still crazy for each other. They cherished this dream of having a beautiful family but sadly, after months and months of trying the blonde still showed no signs of pregnancy.Order your Weight GAIN SHAKE today:*https://amzn.to/3hC0CaWSubscribe:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8tjOPR8O7G8QgeIvqMYLig?sub_confirmation=1Weight Gain S...Chapter 1 - skinny. 98 pounds. I had finally reached my goal weight of 98 pounds. I can't even explain to you the last time my scale said that small of a number. At 27 years old and rather tall, 98 pounds takes a whole lot of work. I have always felt fat, but by America's standards, I am very underweight. an old-school weight gain interactive built around the women of Gotham City. Bobo the Hobo. Rated: E. 247 Chapters. Fanfiction, Erotica, Young Adult. Type: Interactive. Updated about a month ago. Expand Digi-Destined. Sora eating 200 hamburgers Kari inflating herself Digi-part ners helping or joining in.Weight Gain Focused. This folder is for stories where the primary focus is on weight gain. That would include Forced Stuffing, Willing Stuffing, and Magical/Scientific Gain. The character can start off skinny or fat, but they must get fatter in the story itself.Oct 12, 2020 · Welcome to " Love for Fatness: Female WG Compilation ", a compilation of different weigh gain focused stories. Here you can find various stories of women gaining weight, each story different from each other. Some stories star only one person, while other's have a full cast to follow. Some are more realistic and some are based on fantasy or scifi.

29 Stories. Sort by: Hot. # 1. The Fattening by Fat Squeezer. 25.3K 27 6. Emma was a thin, 16 year old girl, until it happened. One day her parents got in a car crash and got injured very badly. They had to be taken to another country for thei...

The Facility (inflation) by rosolona. 40.9K 75 2. The Facility is a story that follows Emily A. through a biological weapons testing facility. After signing a contract without reading it, Emily finds herself trapped wit... swollenbelly. bloatedbelly. bellystuffing. +20 more. # 3.

Swan Queen - Freeform. Gender transformation. Transformation Spell. Deception. Eventual Happy Ending. After hearing of Regina’s struggles with finding another True Love, Emma decides—thinking she’d never have a chance with the woman herself—to change her appearance, in attempts to woo the former mayor as a man. English.61.6K 52 3. This is a true story of one of my ex girlfriends. More to come! Completed. truestory. feederism. stuffedbelly. +5 more. Read the most popular girlfriendweightgain stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform.I stepped on the scale and the dial zoomed to two hundred and sixty five pounds! "Holy shit! I gained over forty pounds!" I thought. Just then Katie, literally waddled into the bathroom. I hadn't really noticed how much weight she had put on, as she was usually lying on the bed or a chaise lounge chair on the ship.Alex Miller is a totally normal girl who goes to school everyday and hang out with her three best friends. She loves all kinds of food and even if she eats abnormally …A mutual gain fic with focus shifting from partner to partner each chapter. Explores bloating, feeding, and weight gain. Main characters are Adam and Maia. If you're into beer boobs and beer bellies, this story plays in that fetish area quite a bit, as well as hitting some classic feeding and letting go scenarios.The Dance Team pt. 1. "Just tell me what it is, already!" Gwen begged as she collapsed her well-padded bottom into Marisa's well-worn sofa. It squeaked in response to the sudden weight, "Oh! Probably oughta be more careful on this thing!" Marisa stopped in her tracks to look at her friend, who was at that moment, pinching at her stomach, at the ...Unsurprisingly, my weight continued to soar. Gone were any signs of the skinny me. In it's place a large, doughy fat man slowly appeared. All my featured softened and rounded out. I was totally unfit and eating like my wildest fantasies. No restraint, no control, eating till I thought I'd burst.A weight gain story featuring cops going from hunky to chunky, or chubby to superchub. Admirer2020. Rated: 18+. 134 Chapters. Fantasy, Entertainment, Other. Type: Interactive. Updated 3 days ago. Guys Get to Gain. As it says, male weight gain.

The weight gain was slowing down and I just wasn't able to hold enough solid food to support packing on that last 30 or so pounds, when the power drinks started, a new spurt of growth began. Thankfully, Max had also bought a heavy duty scale that I couldn't break at this weight. I must have drunk gallons of the shakes in those last few weeks.Chapter 1. Michael and Gina were attending Ted and Stacey's annual Super Bowl party. The five couples that regularly attended had all been friends since their days in college. Micheal, Ted, Rick, Brent and Gerard all ran cross-country togehter. Since graduating college seven years ago, they each kept fit and trim by continuing to run regularly.The things we do for love. Anne might seem like an ordinary skinny suburban housewife but she has always carried a "heavy" secret: Anne wants to be so fat that she's completely immobile. Now that the kids are finally out of the house, she won't let anything stop her from achieving More . A huge collection of good quality erotic weight gain stories.Ongoing. First published Sep 15, 2020. A weight gain story. Emily stops watching her weight after meeting Tim, who introduces her to the concept of feederism. Tim is everything she is looking for in a man and it's not long before they hit it off.Instagram:https://instagram. thunderguards mc and pagansann arbor news obituariesnordy club levelsself service adventhealth So he turns to some unsavory ways to gain that extra cash and gained more than just that. fantasy | Views: 18509 | Author: Pope Sloth | Added by: alaskapalin43 | Date: 2018-06-29 | Comments (0) This uses a slow paced and smaller amount of weight gain, as encouraged and enabled by his girlfriend's fat and feederism fetish, and parents who.. don't seem to know better. ... At over 13,000 words and 7 total chapters, this is the longest story I have written to date. Enjoy. Started in 2020, finished in 2021. Language: English Words: 13,779 ... hawthorne race track results todayweather daytona international speedway Part 1 of the extreme weight gain story The Mountain and the Jock. realistic | Views ... Furry Anthropomorphic Characters aka Furries: also subjects of weight gain, food play, teasing, humiliation, muscle to fat, magic and sudden weight gain, male interactions / subjects, and etc'etc.] ... Ryan just experienced his deepest innermost fantasy ... cute nails ideas for 11 year olds Mary Anne was chowing down on a large breakfast sandwich, and Vanessa's cheeks were stuffed with muffins. They smiled and waved, absorbed in their food and early-morning charting. During her first few weeks on the job, Lindsay had noticed that the women of the ICU ranged from slightly chubby to enormously fat.The Gain Trials. A 3D Weight gain/Inflation/Breast expansion visual novel. Bladerune9. Visual Novel. ... weight gain inflation, and expansion rpgmaker game, belly stuffing, fat, big belly, breast expansion, Grimimic. ... Belly Fantasy RPG with Bellies and food! Selena Belly Play. SELENA Belly Story (Old version)